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About Us

About Us

This is family owned business by Paul & Angie.

Our motto is to satisfied our customers.

IPS Trucking Company…

Started in 1997 with a single one ton truck. Slowly grew into limited corporation. From one flat deck truck we went on to buying a five ton flat deck. To serve our customers needs we had decided five ton flat deck to china top curtain side. Our customers were very happy to have services where did not have to worry getting there product wet.

Now in 2010 we went from two trucks to tandem axle and a tractor trailer with china top. Keeping our customer happy is motto of our business.

Now in 2017 we have grown our business with word of mouth with good customer service loyalty to our customer. We provide variety of services within Lower Mainland and Fraser valley. Which includes hauling dangerous goods. Our drivers are fully qualified and licensed to haul dangerous goods.

The Highest Quality Vehicles In the Industry.

Freight shipping is the process of transporting commodities, goods and cargo by land, sea or air. Common types of freight shipping over the road include truckload, less than truckload (LTL) and intermodal. Freight itself can be defined as the goods transported by truck, train, ship or plane.

All the trucks are in good conditions depends on the load and the useabilty 

All drivers have the Clean abstract from the driver issuer agency i.e ICBC.

Client Testimonials

Quite performer,IPS did it well. You can trust this company.  Awareness, Consideration, Conversion and loyalty.. Best of luck.   

tps Corner Team

Best trucking company in abbotsford, BC. I am amazed with their services. Quite affordable and safe for your goods.  

Tekl Travelers

I am the regular customer. IPS Trucking is good for all seasons. Your goods are in right hands. 

Wne Tasting Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between freight and package??

Parcel (or small package shipments), typically weigh under 70lbs. per shipment. They can shipped in carrier supplied packaging or your own personal packaging. However, if your package is within the weight limit but has a length of over 108 inches, you might want to consider shipping it through freight.

How are freight charges calculated?

To calculate density, divide the total weight of the shipment by the total cubic feet. Step 3: Divide the total weight by the total cubic feet OR use the handy calculatortool at freightquote.com to do the work for you. Once you know the shipment’sdensity, you can determine its freight class.

Is freight an expense?

Freight out is the transportation cost associated with the delivery of goods from a supplier to its customers. This cost should be charged to expense as incurred and recorded within the cost of goods sold classification on the income statement.

What does parcel mean in shipping?

Parcel Post is one of the basic retail services offered by the United States Postal Service for packages. Although slower than Priority Mail, it’s typically less expensive, particularly for larger items. Businesses often make use of its commercial cousin, Parcel Select, for shipping merchandise.

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